Norwegian Drilling Group AS

Unique service provider of various solutions within management,
inspection, maintenance and engineering worldwide

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Offering high quality, optimised management & engineering solutions


Proven track record of operating safely in challenging environments

Cost Effectiveness

The core attribute of our business is to offer the most cost effective high quality solutions to our clients needs

Who we are

Today, Norwegian Drilling Group AS (NDG) is supplying most disciplines for operations and service of drilling units – and with over 30 years combined experience, NDG is able to provide high-level senior management for most projects as well as supplying equipment including installation, commissioning and operational support.

Corporate structure

NDG - Services

NDG - Equipment

NDG - Veritas

NDG - Marine


  • Offer the m,ajorities of disciplines and service on a global perspective;
  • Rope access (work in height)
  • Lease of equipment (mech/electr/rope access)
  • Lease of Hyraulics workshop, including pipe and hose fabrication, cylinder overhaul and test facilities
  • Flushing unit for flushing of larger cylinders, winch, transmissions and system in general


  • 25 years of design and manufacture of Drilling systems
  • Upgrade of existing equipment
  • Design, production and commissioning of tailor made equipment
  • Mud system. Tailor made solutions such as Mud containers, mixers, agitators and piping


  • Inspections and Class Surveys
  • Our full range of Inspection and Non-Descructive Testing services
  • Specialised internal tank/vessel inspections
  • Pipework inspections – Including kill systems, mud handling etc
  • Trade services including specialised rope access rigging and mechanical teams

Our experience allows us to offer

  • Drill Tools, Bottom Hole Assembly Equipment and Top Drive Inspections
  • Strucural Inspection Services including SPS and UWILD
  • Hull Gauging and Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (class)
  • Derrick Inspections to API standards
  • Conventional Non Descructive Testing (Visual Inspection (VI) Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Dye Penetrant Inspecdtion (DPI), Eddy Current Testing (EC) and Utrasonic Testing (UT))
  • Class and Structuural Surveys
  • Full refits and work overs
  • Tank & Vessel Inspections
  • Lifting Gear surveys and Crane Inspection
  • Dropped objects surveyes
  • Inspection and maintenance of mooring systems and turrets
  • Electrical plus fire and gas maintenance and repairs
  • Coded welding, burning and mechanical work

Integrity Management Services

NDG Veritas utilise various integrity management processes including risk-based methodologies to develop and optimise inspection processes in order to align with specific client and/or regulatory requirements. This allows us to ensure and maintain the required asset life and allow for compliance with regulators and maintain the topside hydrocarbon envelope.

Our unique methodology of integrety management allows us to access and maintain all systems from topside to subsea. NDG have over 20 years of expertise in this field and can offer best practices, developed from our meny years of experience in the onshore and offshore sectors.

Inspection program development

NDG Vertias can offer full pressure system inspection program development from line list and inspection database creation including inspection frequencey recommendations and criticality accessments through to API 579 fitness for service and accessments and replacement management.

About us

NDG and its subsidiaries are a unique service provider of various solutions within management, inspection, maintenance and engineering worldwide, specialised for:

– Oil & Gas Industry
– Petrochemical
– Power generation
– Drilling (on-offshore)
– Marine and Renewable Energy Industries
– Integrity Management
– Inspection & Maintenance program

Norwegian Drilling Group AS was founded in 2009 and has grown significantly. We have  launched a new leg and the group now also include the marine industry.

NDG Marine AS was established 2017 to provide ship owners, underwriters and other stakeholders with technical assistance and support.

We have a combined experience with more than 30 years from the maritime industry and a large network to draw on. We are represented in both Norway and Denmark but operate world wide.

We deliver high quality services within our field and we are honest and upright about our capabilities.

Key people

Edvin Tousi

Project Manager
Norwegian Drilling Group

[P] +47 400 57 000
[C] +47 98 35 69 61

Trondheim, Norway
Stockholm, Sweden


  • 15 years experience in the oil and gas industry.
  • Vindfarm.
  • Waterdam.
  • Saturation diver.
  • Business development.

Thomas Meidell Løsnes

CEO Operations / In-house counsel
Norwegian Drilling Group

[P] +47 400 57 000
[C] +47 40 40 12 13

Trondheim, Norway


  • 30 years experience as business attorney
  • International experience from banking, industry and oil related operations.

Egil Lauvsland

CEO & Chairman
Norwegian Drilling Group

[P] +47 400 57 000
[C] +47 47 99 91 01

Homborsund, Norway
Copenhagen, Denmark


  • 27 years experience from Oil & Gas industry.
  • 13 years as Project/Product manager from MHWirth, Aker Solutions.
  • International experience from multiple operations.
  • 3 year Consultancy/Drilling equipment specialist, Maersk Drilling

Products & Services

NDG have over 30 years combined experience of operating in the Oil & Gas sector and have a significant track record in working directly with major operators, exploration companies and a multitude of service providers.

We can offer support for site and shore based personnel for both long and short-term contracts, providing:

  • Inspection Services – Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Rope Access Solutions
  • Trade Based Services – Including competent rope access riggers & mechanics
  • QA/QC services
  • Structural & Pressure System Engineering Services
  • Written Schemes of Examination creation for Pressure Systems
  • Maintenance & Overhauls
  • Welding
  • Electrical Engineering

NDG have experience in providing our full service range to major hydro-electric power station infrastructures including:

  •      Water Dam detailed inspections – Deploying rope access
  •      Pipeline Inspection – Internal / External Surveys
  •      Surge Shaft Internal Inspections
  •      Piping and vessel system inspection
  •      Mechanical overhauls
  •      Welding
  •      Electrical Engineering

NDG have worked extensively in the development of Composite Inspection Solutions for the inspection of wind turbine blades.  All procedures have been rigorously tested and fast accurate inspections can now be completed in order to understand blade condition and provide future integrity assurance.

NDG can also assist with the installation works and can offer unique solutions to overcome the common issues in aligning and de-ovalising the large internal pipe flanges and can resolve bolt hole misalignment within the tower sections of wind turbines.

Repair, Replacement, Refurbishment and Modifications
Mechanical overhauls
Electrical Engineering
Rigging / Lifting

NDG can provide tailored multidiscipline solutions including our fully integrated range of management, inspection and mechanical services for all types of Mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs), FPSOs and specialised vessels as well as Land drilling rigs.

NDG’s services include:

  • Inspections and Class Surveys (API standard)
  • Top Drive & Derrick Inspections to API standards
  • Drill Tool & Bottom Hole Assembly Equipment
  • Structural Inspection Services including SPS and UWILD
  • Tank & Vessel Inspections
  • Lifting Gear surveys and Crane Inspection
  • Pipework Inspections – Including kill systems, mud handling etc
  • Dropped Objects Survey
  • Full range of Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing
    • Visual Inspection (VI)
    • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
    • Dye Penetrant Inspection  (DPI)
    • Eddy Current Testing (EC)
    • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Condition based maintenance (CBM)
  • Electrical plus fire and gas maintenance and repairs
  • Coded welding, burning and mechanical work
  • Dismantling, Installation and Commissioning

Integrity Management Services: 

With more than 20 years of expertise within this field, NDG can offer best practices, developed from our many years’ of experience in the onshore and offshore sectors.

Inspection & maintenance program development: 

  • Full pressure system inspection & Maintenance program planning from line list.
  • Inspection database creation including inspection & maintenance frequency recommendations.
  • Criticality assessments through to API 579 fitness for service assessments and replacement management.

Third party services: 

NDG has a large network of subcontractors and suppliers and offers a wide reaching service range at competitive costs. This allows for a single contractual interface for end-users.

All NDG personnel can be mobilised internationally allowing for our assured standard of personnel to be onsite anywhere in the world.


Norwegian Drilling Group AS and our divisions have a world wide presence through the following locations:

  • Trondheim – Head office
  • Copenhagen
  • Geneva
  • Teheran

Contact us

Norwegian Drilling Group AS
Osloveien 23
7017 Trondheim

Phone: +47 40057000

Chairman, Founder & Group CEO: Egil Lauvsland
Mobile: +47 47999101

CEO, Operations: Thomas Meidell Losnes
Mobile: +47 40401213